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The UK’s current regulatory system is cumbersome, siloed, and lacking parliamentary scrutiny and accountability. In its current form, it is not equipped to support the UK in overcoming its fiercest challenges, such as stagnant growth, or to take advantage of new and emerging trends, for example Artificial Intelligence.

The RRG was set up to encourage a rethink about the purpose of regulation, the outcomes the regulatory system is trying to achieve, and whether our regulatory system improves the lives of citizens, families and communities across the UK.

The RRG was established with three foundational missions:


  1. Embolden the UK to seize the opportunity afforded by Brexit to evolve its regulatory system;

  2. Ensure that a reformed regulatory system is grounded in the foundational principles of accountability, transparency, and proportionality;

  3. Promote a streamlined and cross-sectoral regulatory system, rather than the narrow, siloed approach that currently prevails.

RRG Members

Official portrait Sir Robert Buckland MP.jpeg

Rt Hon Robert Buckland KC MP (Chair)

Official portrait Mark Garnier MP.jpeg

Mark Garnier MP


John Penrose MP

Official portrait Alun Cairns MP.jpeg

Alun Cairns MP

Official portrait Stephen Hammond M.jpeg

Stephen Hammond MP

Official portrait Vicky Ford MP.jpeg

Vicky Ford MP

Official portrait Lord Andrew Tyrie.jpeg

Lord Andrew Tyrie

Official portrait Richard Fuller MP.jpeg

Richard Fuller MP

Official portrait James Wild MP.jpeg

James Wild MP

The Advisory Council

The RRG is supported by a cross-sectoral Business Advisory Council, chaired by Tracy Blackwell, CEO of PIC.

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